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Scalp Renew is here for you to boost your CONFIDENCE with the #1 hair loss solution of Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) for Men and Women.


No Surgery, No Downtime, No Scarring


Baldness is a choice

Society places so much emphasis on physical appearance. Your physical appearance has a great impact on your emotional health and overall success. For those that suffer from thinning hair, balding, bad transplant scarring, and alopecia, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is an affordable, painless, and permanent solution.

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What is scalp micropigmentation?

SMP is the process by which small deposits of organic ink are tattoed onto the top layer of the scalp to replicate hair follicles. SMP creates the visual effect of a natural hairline and thicker hair density. SMP is about restoring the natural hairline for the client and creating a youthful look.

About Scalp Renew

Scalp Renew SMP is a Scalp Micropigmentation clinic operated by Christina Gomes. Located in Toronto, Ontario. Servicing Toronto, Durham Region, and Greater Toronto Areas.


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reasons for scalp micro-pigmentation

Why SMP?

Why SMP?

Less Painful

Unlike hair transplants, laser technology, or steroid shots for hair regrowth, SMP is far less painful!

More Affordable

Unlike hair transplants, laser technology, or steroid shots for hair regrowth, SMP is far less painful!

Less Downtime

Hair transplants require up to 14 days of recovery. Additionally, transplanted hair needs 2-3 months to grow past the scalp. With SMP, you can get back to your daily routine within 2-3 hours!

Save Time

SMP requires no daily regime. No more hair fibers or hair system appointments. Be free to do what you love!


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video testimonials of Scalp Renew SMP clients

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testimonials of Scalp Renew SMP clients


The Process

how it works

The Process

Step #1: Consult

We will have a conversation that will determine if you are a candidate for SMP. If approved, you will be able to ask questions to fully understand the process, know what to expect during the procedure, and aftercare healing process. Lastly, we will determine the scale of the procedure and the cost. From here, you are free to choose if SMP is for you. Book your “new you” appointment.


Step #2: Design

Hairline design is an art onto itself. Good hairline design is about creating balance. During a collaborative time between client and artist, we will design your hairline, create custom ink colour based on your skin tone, and analyze scar tissue areas.


Step #3: Procedure

Based on your individual needs, we go through the process of inserting small deposits of organic ink to the top layer of the dermis. This will create the visual effect of a natural hairline and thicker hair density. This procedure may require up to four two-hour sessions, six days apart.


Step #4: After-care

We’ve created a specific after-care protocol for our clients which they must follow after the treatment and even later. Depending on your job, clients can return to work by the next day. Many things affect the amount of time it will take for one’s head to fully heal following SMP. By following our after-care procedures carefully, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to heal to the bare minimum.

About Scalp Renew

Scalp Renew was founded by Christina Gomes, a forth generation hair stylist whose goal is to take her family business to the next level. Scalp Renew looks at hair loss from a different lense. We believe that experiencing hair loss does not mean it has to change who you are and how you feel. Scalp Renew is here to provide scalp micropigmentation and build a community of Men and Women that have overcome the struggle of hair loss. Scalp Renew restores confidence and helps revitilize a person's image. A NEW YOU!

Christina has trained with world renowned Micropigmentation master and business owner Renata Pruszewski of Scalp Amplified studios in collaboration with Trillium Ink Academy.


Frequently Asked Questions

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